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We love making the lives of our clients easier. One of the ways we do that is by offering a complete end-to-end compliance and asset management solution. We create a register of all your assets, barcode each asset for easy tracking, and give you emailed test results following our service.

The online asset management portal allows you to view all your assets in one place, with full calibration and testing histories. It also allows you to keep track of the location of your assets (whether it be a rego number, employee name or shed name) and decommission any assets no longer in use.

The best thing is that this data can all be downloaded into an excel spreadsheet, should it need to be imported to an in-house asset management program. This isn’t necessary, however, as the Mobile Test’ n’ Cal portal complies with ISO9001 register requirements, including backup and storage. 

Since launching this new portal over 12 months ago, we have received fantastic feedback from our clients. Whilst other suppliers may also have a portal, the dedication to superior User Interface (Ui) and User Experience (Ux), by an expert team of designers and coders, means that the Mobile Test n Cal Asset Portal stands head and shoulders above in useability, and also search and filtering functionality, making managing your data easier. 

To find out more about this asset management portal, and the other ways Mobile Test n Cal manage your assets, please get in touch in Australia on 1300 662 199 or New Zealand on 0800 123 682.

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