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If you have seen the movie The Founder, the title of this article might make more sense than for those that haven’t. Even if you have seen it, it may be a leap to see where we are going with this, but when you look closely, there are stark similarities. 

The Founder follows the story of when Ray Kroc joined the McDonald brothers (Dick and Mac) in their fast food business in 1954. From there, Ray grew McDonald’s into what we know today. A world leader in the fast food Industry.

The parallels with the Mobile Test ‘n’ Cal story and the McDonald’s are quite strong in certain areas, and we wanted to share that story with you.

Before Ray Kroc came along, Dick and Mac McDonald had come up with a new way to cook and sell Fast Food. They built a system, and a kitchen design, that facilitated fast and efficient service. This revolutionised the Fast Food industry allowing faster service and better consistency than the ‘drive in’ model that was so popular at that time.

At Mobile Test ‘n’ Cal, Founder and CEO Andre Borell came up with a system and mobile lab design that would revolutionise the Calibration industry, allowing faster service (no onsite set up time), and better technical integrity (calibration and testing in a controlled environment, rather than setting up onsite in a shed, warehouse or outdoors).

Even the method with which the designs came about for the respective companies is similar. Andre Borell marked out a van and lab design with tape on a warehouse floor, while the McDonald brothers reportedly used chalk on a Tennis Court (see scene from The Founder below):

When Ray Kroc then joined McDonald’s, he brought about a grander vision than the McDonald’s brothers, and aggressively pursued that vision – and shaped McDonald’s into the giant we know (and some of us love) today.

Mobile Test ‘n’ Cal aims to bring the best of both the McDonald brothers, and Ray Kroc, to the Calibration industry. The revolutionary thinking of the McDonald brothers, and the big picture, growth mentality of Ray Kroc.

At the same time, Mobile Test ‘n’ Cal aims to do this without the negatives of both parties, namely the questionable ethics of Ray Kroc (at least as he was illustrated in The Founder) and the small time thinking of the McDonald brothers.

Australia, New Zealand, and the rest of the world deserve this revolution in the Calibration industry, just like the Fast Food industry did in the 50’s and 60’s. That is what Mobile Test ‘n’ Cal is now focused on delivering.

Always being focused on improvement, we would welcome any comments (below) on anything at all you’d like to see Mobile Test ‘n’ Cal improve, change, or alter in any way.

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