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News coming out of JBS Meatworks in Dinmore (QLD), suggests that an arc flash has occurred on the weekend that has injured three workers.

Although mainstream media reports are notoriously unreliable for specific details of electrical incidents, a report in the Sunday Mail confirms three workers were burnt as a result of an ‘electrical explosion’. Although it is an assumption only at this point, this appears to be an Arc Flash incident.

The same article also confirms ‘the trio suffered second- and third-degree burns to their upper bodies’. Once again, this is only an assumption at this stage, but these injuries suggest correct PPE (Arc Rated clothing) may not have been worn.

If this is the case, this news saddens us at Volt Safety, as we continually strive for better Arc Flash education and safety. Our thoughts are with the victims for a quick and full recovery.

Make sure you and your staff are covered by wearing the appropriate level of Arc Flash protection for the tasks being undertaken, especially in environments with high fault currents.

Volt Safety are leaders in arc flash knowledge and technical support and are available for advice via [email protected] or (07) 3282 0647.

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