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Hi Everyone,

My team and I decided that a monthly column from myself would be a great way to communicate with our valued customers, and the industry at large, on a variety of important matters.

The content will vary, and one month it might be about general safety, calibration or compliance issues, another it might be more specifically about things we are doing here at Mobile Test ‘n’ Cal, or quite often a combination of the two. For the very first one, I wanted to give you a bit of our history, and hopefully an insight into what we value and strive for.

Whilst I’m sure many of you know what we do, I always love to get the opportunity to share why we do it. The answer is simple – you! Rewind to 2009, before Mobile Test ‘n’ Cal existed, I had been observing onsite testing and calibration services from within the electrical industry, but as a safety importer, manufacturer and supplier.

I couldn’t believe how much room for improvement I saw for testing services. Both in terms of systems, processes, but also customer focus and service. And that is why I decided to start Mobile Test ‘n’ Cal, to do it better. Luckily we live in an age of high customer service focus in most areas and most industries, but I thought the compliance space deserved a higher level of customer focus than it was getting at the time. Doing things on the customers terms, not the suppliers; and offering an end-to-end compliance solution instead of just a testing service.

So that brings us to 2017. We now service over 15 key industries, delivering compliance and safety solutions in various shapes and forms. But we still have so much room to grow and improve, and we welcome any feedback that will help us do that. So please; fill out our post-job surveys, drop us an email, give me a call for a chat – however you want to do it, we are here to serve you, and we want to hear your feedback to do that even better.

All the best,

Andre Borell
Founder + CEO

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