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When you rely on a company for your calibration, you want to know that quality technical service is being performed. If the company you choose is not up to the task, the safety and compliance risks are high. We’ve provided some tips to help you ensure the calibration services you choose are top quality. Here are 4 questions worth asking yourself before settling on a service.

Are they accredited?

Many calibration companies these days are accredited to just ISO 9001, which is valuable but becoming common. The best calibration services will hold multiple accreditations, including ISO17025, ISO14001 and also ISO45001. This shows greater competence and expertise in testing procedures, safety and environmental aspects of calibration. Mobile Test ‘n’ Cal are a multi-accredited company – by NATA for ISO170125 and by SAI Global for ISO9001, ISO45001 and ISO14001. Visit our accreditation page for the full list.

Do they keep detailed records?

Maintaining appropriate calibration timeframes and historic data are some of most important elements for safety. Detailed records will help ensure that you never miss a calibration time frame and historic data can help you better understand your equipment’s standard results, drift over time, and if an out of spec instrument may have been used in your processes over any given period of time (helpful for possible recall situations). Mobile Test ‘n’ Cal provide a client portal where your service records are kept, plus we send reminders when your next service is due.

Are they experienced in your industry?

A calibration company which understands the unique requirements and working conditions in your industry can provide better tailored service for your needs. Mobile Test ‘n’ Cal have experience in a wide range of industries from electrical to engineering, manufacturing, mining, transport, health and more. Browse the menu above to find your industry.

How much downtime is expected?

A quality calibration company will be able to tell you how long the process should take and therefore, how much downtime you can expect on equipment. Better yet, with onsite calibration services you can minimise downtime by cutting out transport. Mobile Test ‘n’ Cal offer onsite calibrations, as well as a 24-48hr turnaround time for offsite labs. Faster turnaround service times is even possible for testing, inspection s and most calibrations, with a priority fee. With every calibration, inspection, test or repair you can trust our expert technicians to work efficiently and accurately.

Quality and compliance with Mobile Test ‘n’ Cal

Working with businesses throughout Australian and New Zealand, Mobile Test ‘n’ Cal provide the highest quality testing, inspection and calibration services. We have both mobile labs and static labs available in every major city. For more information on our services or to book your next calibration, contact our team. Call 1300 662 119 in Australia, 0800 123 682 in New Zealand or send an enquiry online.

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