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The management of your assets is critical to the smooth running of your business, and to ensure you comply with regulations around testing and calibration. 


It isn’t enough to have your equipment tested or calibrated. Standards dictate that you need a record of all testing and calibration and that these records show traceability back to a known standard. 


While it might sound like an extra hassle, keeping clean records can bring far more benefits to your business. It provides a considerable amount of efficiency to your team knowing what equipment is in service, where it is (or at least, last was), it’s test history, and when it is next due for calibration. It also provides an accurate record of your assets, which can be helpful for bookkeeping and at audit time. 


Responding to these realisations, the Mobile Test n Cal business model reflects this. “We aren’t really a testing and calibrations business, we are an asset management business,” says Mobile Test n Cal CEO, Andre Borell. 


“We truly see ourselves as the keeper of your assets. We have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars creating a system that can track the lifecycle of your assets, in a way that gives you full transparency.”


Mobile Test ‘n’ Cal’s online asset management portal allows customers to view all their assets, with full calibration and testing histories, keep track of the location of your assets, whether it be a rego number, employee name or shed name, and also to decommission any assets no longer in use. The best thing is that this can all be downloaded into an excel spreadsheet, should it need to be imported to an in-house asset management program, however, this isn’t necessary as the Mobile Test n Cal portal does comply with ISO9001 register requirements, including backup and storage. 


To find out more about this asset management portal, and the other ways Mobile Test n Cal manage your assets, please get in touch.

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