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Welcome to our News page from Mobile Test n Cal. We aim to bring you short, sharp, informative and helpful articles to help you run your electrical business, or be better at your role in the electrical industry.

It is NOT going to be all about our business or service, with constant bragging and self-serving adverts. We might write about calibration or testing issues once in a while if it’s a hot topic, but mostly, we’ll bring you quality business and/or technical content.

If you’d like something in particular covered, just ask and we will do our best to incorporate it. 


Do I have to Calibrate?

Article Courtesy of: Master Calibrators Australia  Most instruments are typically subjected to some fairly rough treatment — bouncing around in the vehicle, dropped on site, knocked against hard objects, etc. Even if they’re treated carefully and not knocked about, changes in ambient temperatures, humidity levels and deteriorating component tolerances will cause a shift in any

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Meet the Team – Graeme Hill

What is your MTC region? New Zealand What is your favourite hobby? Sailing followed closely by surfing What is your favourite sporting team? All Blacks You win $5 Million, what do you do next? Travel. Invest to grow more wealth. If you could have any superpower, what would it be? Be in more than 1

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Replacement Parts: Insulated Mats

We are thrilled to announce that among our wide range of replacement parts, we now also stock a full range of insulated mats and blankets. Our new IEC61111 standard range is light weight and a lot easier to carry around onsite, yet still providing you with the appropriate protection. They are super flexible and have

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EWP Testing Pre-Test Guidelines

When booking your EWP in for testing with us, there are some important things to remember. To ensure the maximum probability of achieving a pass result for your EWP, it is important to present the unit in a clean and well prepared state, free of any visual damage prior to test. In accordance with the national

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Mobile Test ‘n’ Cal Amalgamation

We are delighted to announce that from January 2017, Mobile Test ‘n’ Cal Northern NSW Pty Ltd and Mobile Test ‘n’ Cal Perth (GSHD Pty Ltd) will now operate as part of Mobile Test ‘n’ Cal Australia Pty Ltd. These entities were previously operating as independent Mobile Test ‘n’ Cal franchises, however they have now

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We’re now in Central Queensland!

Mobile Test ‘n’ Cal are excited to announce that we will now have a full time van servicing Central and North Queensland. While we were already doing regular trips to this area, it is very exciting to now be able to provide our wonderful Central/North Qld customers with a more present and local service. Mobile Test ‘n’

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Compliance in the Google Age

Since the inception of the Google age, compliance obligations have changed significantly. In the past, it was not unusual for some people to cut corners or do things in the wrong way unknowingly or in the hope that no one noticed. This attitude was particularly applicable to niche topics such as arc flash, testing and

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Christmas Closing Dates

  Christmas is fast approaching and so we want to take this opportunity to wish you a successful and happy end of year. We will be closed this year from midday FRIDAY 16th DECEMBER 2016 and returning on TUESDAY 3rd JANUARY 2017. Should you require testing and calibration during this time, we will do our best to arrange

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Mobile Test ‘n’ Cal welcomes Volt Safety

We are excited to announce that Mobile Test ‘n’ Cal are now officially an authorised reseller of Volt Safety electrical safety products. This means that Mobile Test ‘n’ Cal will have a comprehensive catalogue of replacement equipment available to you. This means we can reduce even more of the downtime, inconvenience and cost associated with

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