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Advertising is one of the most powerful tools that have the ability to drive massive sales for a business. But, if your ad copy is not on-point, there is a high chance that it will have no affect at all. It is important for businesses to create compelling advertisements that make their place in customers’ minds within seconds. Let’s take a look at some tips that will help you write an ad copy that sells.

Do your Research

You cannot check all the boxes without understanding your target audience. The first and the most important thing every copywriter needs to understand is that an ad that contains information, language, and ideas that are inappropriate for the target market is totally useless. You need to learn what the audience likes, what they are talking about, what they want to hear, what are their needs, and how do they think. Once you have this information in hand, you will be able to write an advert that is going to appeal to them.

Write a Rock Solid Headline

As a copywriter, you should know that the headline makes up 80% of the entire ad. It grabs a reader, and drags them I to read the rest of your copy. This means that your headline needs to be powerful, compelling, and highly impactful. Most of the people looking at your ad will only read the headline and if the headline is intriguing, they will turn to reading body copy for more information. That’s how powerful your ad’s headline is. The headline must offer value to the customers or simply a benefit that makes them take the desired action. It should in most cases be about the customer, not you. Instead of “We offer great electrical services”, try something like “Take a load off an let the experts handle your electrical work”. The first is 100% about you, the second is 100% about them. People like things to be about them.

Give them More Reasons to Buy

The second most important thing after headline is the body copy. You need to create a powerful ‘lead magnet’ (or ‘click magnet’ for online adverts) and make sure that the customers are eager to learn more. When customers get onto the body copy, they are in search of reasons to buy. So, make use of intriguing words to compel your readers to buy from you. Tell them about the benefits that the product offers and help solve a problem. Again, make it about the buyer (them), not about the seller (you). Once you have done that, you are half way through with a sale.

Offer a Solution

No one wants to buy something that doesn’t help them in any way. A person who has a headache will look for painkillers that will help relieve the pain. Therefore, the copy of your ad should offer a solution to the customers. Do not focus on telling the audience about the wonderful features of your product, but tell them how your product can solve their problem. No one actually wants painkillers; they really want is for some sort of pain to go away. Another example is that no one actually wants a drill; they want a hole. Think about that when framing how to sell your product or service. This is what makes an ad sell and help businesses earn revenue.

Make it Striking

No one is interested in reading an advertisement, unless something compels them to. So, if you want people’s attention, create an ad that catches their eye. Your ad should stand out from all the other 1,000‘s of ads we see each and every day. However, you need to keep in mind certain design factors to grab your audience’s attention including a great image, color, and copy. This varies by your target market, so you need to keep this in mind all through the process of designing and creating an ad.

An advertisement can make customers flock to your door. Therefore, it is in your best interest to make it as creative and appealing as you can.

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