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Don’t Risk It – Test Today

(Original Post from Master Calibrators) Better safe than sorry. It’s a phrase you’ve probably heard since you were young and you’ve probably heard it said so often that it’s lost a bit of its meaning by now. But what if being safe rather than sorry was a matter of life and death? Well when it comes … Read more

Sharpie’s and Height Safety / Lifting Equipment – your questions answered.

At Mobile Test ‘n’ Cal, we have had more than one query regarding the use of Sharpie permanent marker pens on height safety equipment and whether or not it is detrimental to the equipment. To put some of these queries at ease, we are happy to say it has been proven that it is in fact … Read more

Where does the buck stop?

We recently had an enquiry as to whose responsibility it is when it comes to having your meters and electrical safety equipment tested and calibrated. Is it the obligation of the employer or the employee? It’s a great question that we’ll be answering in today’s Powertalk article. In order to give our clients and readers … Read more

The Face of Electrical Innovation

Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla may be a name that you’ve never actually heard, but if you’re an electrician, it’s a name that probably has more of a bearing on your day to day than you think.

Tesla was born in Croatia in 1856 and was known as an inventor, a physicist, an electrical and mechanical engineer and futurist. If you’ve ever paused for a moment to be thankful for the wonders of wireless technologies while you’re browsing Facebook on your phone, booking a client in on your iPad and catching up on some paperwork on your PC, then you’ve got Tesla to thank.

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Checkboxes versus Calibrations

Checkboxes versus Calibrations In some parts of the electrical industry, there is a misunderstanding that a meter check using a checkbox can be deemed as a calibration, be considered equivalent to a full calibration, or even replace calibrations. This document has been put together to show why this not true, and whilst check boxes do … Read more

Periodic testing of Insulated EWP Trucks

Electrically Insulated EWP Trucks require regular, 6 monthly, re-testing as per AS/NZS1418.10:2011 to ensure the insulation properties are still providing protection to workers in the bucket. They also require a higher level of testing, known as Acceptance testing every 10 years, and also after an incident or rebuild.

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It has been out since 2011, but there is still much confusion about the implications of AS4836 (AS/NZS4836:2011) on the entire electrical industry. The largest changes from a safety perspective, and in particular that of personal protection, come in the area of Arc Flash protection.

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Expanded Service Scope

Our Head Office Lab in Queensland is now offering quite a wide variety of non-electrical calibration services.

Below is a list of every non-electrical calibration service currently available at our head office Lab in Queensland:

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WA Tragedy; Timely Reminder for Arc Flash Clothing Safety Assurances

The importance of Arc Flash protective equipment is often underestimated. This was sadly demonstrated in the recent events in Perth when two men, who were undertaking electrical maintenance, lost their lives in an explosion and several were also injured. Employees of a privately owned company that services the high voltage electrical industry were working in … Read more

What’s the difference between Calibration and Adjustment?

We get this question a lot, and it is a commonly misunderstood or misinterpreted topic. Here are a few Frequently Asked Questions that will help to clarify the matter. Thanks to Master Calibrators for the assistance in drafting this article.  What is Calibration? The most basic reason for calibrating an electrical instrument is to ensure … Read more