Sarah Borell

TEX Onsite NZ placed into Liquidation

TEX Onsite’s New Zealand creditors have last week voted to place the business (Tex Onsite Ltd) into liquidation after going into administration last month. If you were a customer of TEX Onsite, please get in touch with us so we can ensure you remain compliant. We are expanding our operations to be able to ensure … Read more

Preventing Industrial Manslaughter

Industrial Manslaughter is a hot topic at the moment. Already law in many states, other states are calling for it to become law. What is it? As explained by HR Law, a person conducting a business or undertaking (PCBU) or a senior officer will be criminally liable for negligently causing the death of a worker. … Read more

We’re here to help

We have recently become aware that a large service provider within our industry, Tex Onsite Ltd, has gone into administration in New Zealand.  If you are affected by this, please get in contact with us. We will make sure you are serviced within your required timeframe to remain compliant, and ensure it is convenient for … Read more

Mobile Test ‘n’ Cal Achieves NATA

Mobile Test ‘n’ Cal has been awarded NATA accreditation. This sits alongside our dual SAI Global Certification (ISO9001 and AS4801), for both safety and quality – making us the most accredited Testing, Calibration and Inspection company in Australia and New Zealand.  You can find more information on our Scope of Accreditation here: Being NATA Accredited, we now offer full … Read more

Keeping Queensland Electrical Linesmen Safe

Mobile Test ‘n’ Cal have been awarded the contract to test and calibrate all equipment for Energy Queensland, the amalgamation of Ergon and Energex, ensuring the safety of electrical linesmen and other electrical workers state-wide.   Mobile Test ‘n’ Cal started its life in 2009 after CEO and Founder, Andre Borell, saw that the electrical … Read more

How To Encourage On Time Payment And Achieve Better Cash Flow

When it comes to paying the bills, not every client acts responsibly. Businesses face a challenge when their clients are purposely avoiding them and not making their payments on time. Although sometimes missed payments are an honest mistake, most of the time these are deliberate. This issue can cause a lot of problems for businesses … Read more

How To Write A Great Advert That Works

Advertising is one of the most powerful tools that have the ability to drive massive sales for a business. But, if your ad copy is not on-point, there is a high chance that it will have no affect at all. It is important for businesses to create compelling advertisements that make their place in customers’ … Read more

How a Virtual Assistant can help you do more Electrical and Less Admin Work, to make you more Money

Working as an electrician is a tough job and requires a person to work on-site with complete focus and dedication, and without distractions. However, when it comes to managing different tasks involved in running an electrical business, solo electrical contractors face a lot of trouble. This happens due to the fact that many electrical contractors do not have a staff to help with other tasks. In order to manage themselves in a more effective way, electricians can consider hiring a virtual assistant, which can help them with everything not directly related to their electrical work. Read on to find out how a virtual assistant can help you run a successful electrical contracting business.

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EOFY Tips & Tricks

As the financial year draws to an end, I’m sure you’re all eager to trade your calculators for beers. You should also take the time to reward yourself and celebrate a successful financial year. This week’s article is aimed at helping you do just that with some helpful tips and tricks. There’s a lot to … Read more