Sarah Borell

What Are Calibration Standards?

Accurate calibration requires an instrument under test (IUT) to be compared to a calibration standard which will have an output or measurement of known value.  But where do these standard measurements come from? And how are they enforced in Australia? A basic definition A calibration standard is an internationally recognised value that is considered to … Read more

Why You Shouldn’t Calibrate Your Own Equipment

You should be thinking about calibrating your equipment at least once a year, or even more frequently in some industries. Some businesses might prefer the DIY route to minimise costs and downtime for the company, however, calibrating your own equipment is rarely the best plan of action. Without the proper expertise, you’ll be unable to … Read more

The Importance of Asset Management

The management of your assets is critical to the smooth running of your business, and to ensure you comply with regulations around testing and calibration.  It isn’t enough to have your equipment tested or calibrated. Standards dictate that you need a record of all testing and calibration and that these records show traceability back to … Read more

How to Correctly Care for Dimensional Equipment

Dimensional equipment is designed to provide accurate measurements, but over time all tools are susceptible to ageing. With a combination of proper care and regular calibration, your tools should last a very long time. Here are three common dimensional equipment pieces and how best to care for them. Vernier Calipers Vernier calipers are a precise … Read more

The New Definition of a Kilogram

The definition of the kilogram was established 130 years ago. However, a new definition has now been approved, after a unanimous vote at the General Conference on Weights and Measures last year. Why is the definition changing? To put it simply, the new definition is more accurate as it relies on the laws of physics. … Read more

Testing of Electrical Insulated PPE

Why relying on visual inspection, or extending test frequencies, just doesn’t stack up. In the compliance testing space, we see a wide cross-section of approaches to safety and compliance in the markets we serve. We see corner cutters, we see those that do it to the letter of the Standard, Act or Regulation at all … Read more

Environmental Sustainability in the Field Service Industry

With Earth Day having just been for another year, I thought it was topical to looking into environmental sustainability in the field service industry. What Negative Impacts are Common in our Industry? By our very nature, field services businesses like Mobile Test ‘n’ Cal require many vehicles, significant petrol or diesel usage, and from time-to-time, … Read more

Fluke DTX Cable Analyzers

Due to Fluke withdrawing support for the product in Australia, we have recently had a lot of enquiries surround calibrations of Fluke DTX Cable Analyzers. We are currently working on being able to provide this service and can confirm that as of May 2019 we will be able to calibrate these units. We have finished … Read more