Sarah Borell

Why It’s Important to Inspect Fall Arrest Equipment

Working at heights is often necessary and without proper safety equipment, it’s also dangerous. We explain why it’s essential to inspect your fall arrest equipment regularly, how it’s done and whether inspection tagging is required. Inspecting equipment saves lives Fall arrest equipment – such as harnesses, lanyards, pole straps and karabiners – are designed to … Read more

Everything You Need to Know About EWP Testing

Elevated work platforms (EWP) such as scissor lifts, boom lifts and telehandlers are important pieces of machinery that must be tested regularly to ensure safety. In this blog, we’ll cover the five types of EWP testing that should feature in your schedule, as well as the specialised electrical testing that Mobile Test ‘n’ Cal regularly … Read more

5 Reasons Regular Testing of Electrical Gloves, Sleeves & Mats is Essential

Electrical PPE and insulated equipment requires regular testing, at least every 6 months. This may feel too often, but it’s important to maintain this schedule for the safety of your workers and the compliance of your business. Here are 5 reasons to regularly test your electrical gloves, sleeves and mats. Reason 1: Safety Insulated equipment … Read more

5 Tips to Extend Your Hot Stick’s Life

High Voltage Testing is required at regular intervals to ensure that the insulation to a power source is providing adequate protection. To do this test a piece of equipment called a hot stick is required, however it is important that the hot stick is maintained, not just for safety (which is imperative) but also to … Read more

3 Reasons Why Even the Best Electrical Equipment Requires Regular Testing and Calibration

There isn’t a good electrical tradesperson out there who doesn’t stand by the importance of using electrical equipment that is high-quality. This isn’t necessarily measured by how much your tools cost, but regardless of their price tags, it’s important to regularly check that they are safe to operate and provide accurate results. You may be … Read more

AFR Fast 100 for 3 Years!

We are excited to announce that the team at Mobile Test ‘n’​ Cal just achieved something special. The business was this week listed in The Australian Financial Review Fast 100 for the third time running. 2019 – 41st fastest-growing privately held company in AUS 2018 – 64th fastest-growing privately held company in AUS 2017 – … Read more

VENTILATOR MANUFACTURERS: Offer of support during COVID-19

If you know are an Australian or New Zealand businesses that is retooling your manufacturing to make ventilators or upscaling your current ventilator manufacturing capacity, please let us know. We want to assist in any way we can. Supplying Techs for pre-dispatch QC/calibration of ventilators or lending calibration equipment to allow in-house QC/calibration at greater … Read more

COVID-19 Equipment Care

With the current issues around COVID-19 and the ease at which transmission can occur, we wanted to put some tips together on how to avoid spread within workplaces (especially essential services) that use shared equipment, tools and PPE. Test and Measurement Instruments and Tools that are shared should be regularly wiped down and sanitised after … Read more

We are an Essential Service and can operate during covid-19

To give security to our clients, after review of the Essential Services Acts in various states, Mobile Test ‘n’ Cal is classed as an essential service and shall continue to trade during this period. Service providers within the water and electricity distribution sector are required to ensure the operation continuity of such services. If any … Read more

COVID-19 Continuity of Service Plan

With the increase in the number of Coronavirus (COVID-19) cases in Australia, Mobile Test ‘n’ Cal is implementing a number of safeguards to ensure we can continue to safely offer our services to our customers and to ensure minimal impact on your business operations.  Hygiene Precautions All staff have been made aware of the importance … Read more