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Meet the Team – Jeremy White

1.     What is your MTC region? Australia – but home is currently Melbourne 2.     What is your favourite hobby? Playing with my son 3.     What is your favourite sporting team? Hawks – Football…..proper Football. 4.   You win $5 Million, what do you do next? Porsche, personal trainer and pay off my parents mortgage (and mine) 5.     If you could … Read more

Can’t I just Calibrate Myself?

Article courtesy of: Master Calibrators Australia In some parts of the electrical industry, there is a misunderstanding that a meter check using a check box can be deemed as a calibration, be considered equivalent to a full calibration, or even replace calibrations. This document has been put together to show why this not true, and … Read more

Do I have to Calibrate?

Article Courtesy of: Master Calibrators Australia  Most instruments are typically subjected to some fairly rough treatment — bouncing around in the vehicle, dropped on site, knocked against hard objects, etc. Even if they’re treated carefully and not knocked about, changes in ambient temperatures, humidity levels and deteriorating component tolerances will cause a shift in any … Read more