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Equipment calibration is a frequent, necessary step in keeping your business compliant and your employees safe. If you’re struggling with the constant upkeep of different equipment or the time it takes to have them calibrated effectively, why not consider an onsite service? Here are 5 benefits to choosing onsite calibration services. 

Why would you calibrate on-site?

There are many general reasons to choose onsite calibrations, from the added convenience to the reduced costs. However, there are also some specific equipment reasons that you may not be aware of. First, when equipment is too large to be moved, such as cranes and EWP equipment, you can get an onsite calibration team instead. Second, some equipment is too sensitive to be transported and the risks of damage are high. In this case, an onsite calibration can easily save you the hassle.

The benefits to onsite calibration

  • Reduces costs

Sending equipment away to laboratories for calibration can become expensive. By bringing the team to you, an onsite calibration is far more cost-effective once downtime and freight are taken into account. These reduced costs can also help you keep a frequent calibration schedule.

  • Avoid equipment damage

As mentioned above, some equipment is susceptible to damage during transport. If you have sensitive equipment, you may prefer not to transport it at all. 

  • Less downtime

When you add up the transport and calibration days – there’s a lot of downtime required. While many companies have fast turnarounds, there’s nothing faster than onsite calibration which means your equipment is up and running as soon as the service is done.

  • Similar working conditions

When you remove equipment from their regular working conditions, you need to be aware of a small margin of error in calibration results, given laboratories operate in a controlled environment. By calibrating the equipment in their regular conditions, you may be able to minimise the difference between their test conditions and their work conditions.

  • Calibrate multiple equipment at once

When multiple pieces of equipment are ready for calibration at once, you often risk losing productivity while they undergo this essential process. With onsite calibration, you don’t need to send all your equipment away to be worked on. You can simply have expert technicians handle them one at a time, on your premises, working around your schedule and needs to minimise productivity loss.

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