3 Reasons Why Even the Best Electrical Equipment Requires Regular Testing and Calibration

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There isn’t a good electrical tradesperson out there who doesn’t stand by the importance of using electrical equipment that is high-quality. This isn’t necessarily measured by how much your tools cost, but regardless of their price tags, it’s important to regularly check that they are safe to operate and provide accurate results.

You may be thinking that the highest-quality tools are good enough not to need testing for years on end, but this sort of attitude could lead to not noticing inaccurate readings, which could result in poor workmanship, job recalls, rectifying historic quality errors, or even an injury. In this blog, the experienced technicians from Mobile Test ‘n’ Cal share their top 3 reasons that regular testing and calibration is not a luxury, but a necessity on live worksites.

1 – Minimising safety risks and hazards
It should come as no surprise that personnel safety is the most important thing to consider when dealing with electrical equipment. Even if your tools are the best on the market, there are many other factors that can affect their performance, such as physical damage, moisture or dust damage, and improper storage methods.

Whatever their cause, false or inaccurate readings put your workers at risk, so you should consult a professional for frequent testing and calibration of your tools. This can give you peace of mind, knowing your equipment is functional and accurate, and that workers are less likely to be caught off-guard during potentially dangerous tasks.

2 – Compliance with government legislation
State and federal safety regulations are vital requirements in any workplace but are especially important in areas of work on or near live. Rememberm, testing for dead is working live. 

In most Australian states, an employer has a legal obligation to ensure that the workplace is safe and without risks to health, which includes:

  • Identifying any hazards associated with electrical equipment
  • Assessing the associated risks
  • Taking measures to eliminate or control said risks

Failure to comply with these guidelines can lead to heavy fines, forcible downtime on your business, and potential lawsuits in the case of serious injury. Regular testing of your equipment by competent electrical technicians can help you avoid these consequences and keep your workplace running smoothly.

3 – Efficient management of resources

It’s better to know when a piece of equipment is on its way out before it completely fails. Frequent testing helps you keep track of what tools may need replacement soon, and also lets you calculate how long your tools have lasted and identify areas where you could prolong their lifespans.

If it’s time you got your electrical equipment tested, Mobile Test ‘n’ Cal are on the job. We can come to you and perform onsite inspections, testing and calibration services, and more. Contact us online or call 1300 662 119 for peace of mind today.

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