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We recently had an enquiry as to whose responsibility it is when it comes to having your meters and electrical safety equipment tested and calibrated. Is it the obligation of the employer or the employee? It’s a great question that we’ll be answering in today’s Powertalk article.

In order to give our clients and readers the best and most accurate answer, we consulted a reputable industry body; the National Electrical and Communications Association  to help us out with this one.

We can confirm that the employer must ensure that the suitable test instruments used for work are regularly tested and calibrated.

If an employer requires an employee to have and to maintain a tool to complete work, it is the employer’s responsibility to pay for this whether it be directly or as an allowance to the employee.

If the employer decides to use the allowance approach, it is recommended that this is specifically known to the employee and preferably in writing. If the employee then fails to live up to the agreement and the equipment is not adequately tested and/or calibrated, then the employer will still be held accountable under the Act. While you won’t be necessarily held legally accountable as an employee, that doesn’t account for the potential risk that you will subject yourself to by using equipment that is overdue for testing and calibration.

It is therefore a recommendation that there are clear guidelines, protocols and checks in place within your business. We recommend putting reminders in your work calendar one month in advance of the due date to ensure that your equipment is up to date and that the legal and safety requirements of the business are adequately met. Not only will you ensure that your instruments don’t go overdue for testing, but we will also follow you up roughly a month in advance to arrange a booking date that suits you.

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