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From the CEO: Obsessed with being the Best

At Mobile Test ‘n’ Cal we pride ourselves on our exceptional customer service. It is why I started the business. In the past few months, however, while we have experienced massive growth, we know our usually spectacular service has dropped off ever so slightly due to that rapid growth. We like to have the same … Read more

From the CEO: August 2017

Hi Everyone, My team and I decided that a monthly column from myself would be a great way to communicate with our valued customers, and the industry at large, on a variety of important matters. The content will vary, and one month it might be about general safety, calibration or compliance issues, another it might … Read more


Ex-Tropical Cyclone Debbie has made its way down to Brisbane, and due to the severe weather warnings currently being issued, our Head Office will be closed from midday AEST today (Thursday). We plan to reopen tomorrow (Friday), however will be at the mercy of the weather. We will keep you posted. We will have a … Read more

Periodic testing of Insulated EWP Trucks

Electrically Insulated EWP Trucks require regular, 6 monthly, re-testing as per AS/NZS1418.10:2011 to ensure the insulation properties are still providing protection to workers in the bucket. They also require a higher level of testing, known as Acceptance testing every 10 years, and also after an incident or rebuild.

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